Ideal Home Paintings to Make Your Home Look Dignified
Ideal Home Paintings to Make Your Home Look Dignified


An empty wall is not something that we would like to see the moment we get up or when we enter our home after a hectic day at work. A wall that is plain and dull does not interest any of us. Have you not been able to focus on your home décor for a while now? Has your interior design got outdated and is beginning to look stale? If you feel the need to refresh the interiors of your home, maybe now is the right time to do it.

Transforming your living space to enhance the look does not mean that you need to invest in extra décor or replace the old furniture with the latest ones. Replacing pieces of furniture is not that easy and can turn out to be expensive too. However, trying out the creative techniques of wall paintings by exploring the amazing colours from the Asian paints colour chart will make your job effortless. You will find a wonderful collection of colours that you can decide to splash on your walls to make your home an interesting place to stay.

Painting Techniques for an Inviting Vibe

There are endless ways that you can uplift the décor of your home. No matter what are your style sensibilities, just a careful selection of colours and different techniques to paint them is what is going to make a big difference in upgrading the visual appeal of the room. The following are some of the techniques which when used in the house with paintings is sure to add a welcoming vibe to your entire space –

Decorate with stencils – Decorating the walls with stencils is one of the simple and the easiest way to make your room look sophisticated. You can select the design that you want on your walls and get the wall stenciling done to your space and get the perfect look that you wished for.

Metallic Paint – Metallic paint is a better option to give a vibrant look in an instant. You can choose to create a metallic accent wall that will display a layered look and make your home look stylish and center of attraction.

Opt For Stripes – Painting the walls in stripes will eventually add texture to the walls and give a bold look to the entire space. This technique of painting the walls is a classic idea that never runs out of fashion. You can incorporate the stripes as per your desire. It is always wise to choose bold and contrasting stripes if you prefer an intriguing look. However, when you want a quiet texture, go ahead with thin and subtle stripes.

Colour Washing Technique – This technique is one of the easiest as its application to the walls is fairly simple. In this technique, a satin base paint is applied first followed by a nice glaze paint which is coated by using a large brush. This way of painting a wall creates a texture making it look dynamic.

Harlequin Technique – This technique is the most wonderful technique that adds life to a space. This does not need any other pieces of décor as this technique is enough to get a contemporary feel in the room.

Try out the painting technique that fascinates you most and let your home look dignified.