How to choose the best beauty box according to your needs?

the best beauty box according to your needs


What is the best beauty box? Faced with consumer enthusiasm for the monthly box system, you too have decided to embark on the adventure and subscribe to a beauty box. Problem: how to choose it?

It is true that the offer of boxes dedicated to the world of cosmetics and care is very varied today, and it can be difficult to navigate among so many possibilities. All Boxes helps you make your choice so that you find the box that suits you perfectly!

A beauty box, what is it?

Let’s start by defining what a beauty box is. It is simply a box that you will receive at home periodically (most often monthly), containing beauty products, in miniature or full-size. Everything is offered at a lower price than these over-the-counter cosmetics. It is therefore an excellent way to make beauty discoveries without taking any risks! We give you all the elements to take into account before ordering your first beauty box.

What is the best beauty box?

If you want a Box with beauty tutorials, the Beautiful Box should be chosen. If you don’t want to spend too much and small formats suit you, turn to the Birchbox . Choose the Prescription Lab for organic and high-end products. And finally, for more goodies and the lifestyle side, it’s towards the My Little Box that you have to look.

If you hesitate between My Little Box and Birchbox, you can read our dedicated article to share them

The best beauty boxes in video

To find the best beauty box, it goes without saying that the first thing to consider if you want to order a beauty box is its content! Because if the beauty boxes are legion, what they send to their subscribers varies greatly.

Do you prefer to receive a lot of care or rather makeup products? Do you want cosmetics to have a natural or organic composition? Do you want to discover products little known in our regions, or rather easily found in stores? Do you want your box to also contain lifestyle or gourmet goodies?

You will have to ask yourself all these questions in order to determine what you are really looking for in a beauty box.