Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Sinks


Kitchen sink is important for any home. If you have a kitchen you need a sink. You use the sink for different purposes. For any house, a sink is an essential.

If you want to buy a new sink, you need to consider many factors. There are many choices available.

  • You can select metal or stone type
  • You can have one, two or three tray sink
  • Buy one that blends in best with the kitchen theme

1. Metal sinks

You can buy a stainless steel grade sink. This is affordable. It will last for years. You can approach kitchen sinks Sydney dealers.

Always select one that is rust free. It may not need much maintenance. It is easy to clean.

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2 Granite Sink

This type is more in demand. It is a solid granite slab. You can select natural or composite material. Both types are easy to maintain.

If you use hot water in the sink area, then granite is a better choice. It will resist high temperatures. It does not chip or scratch with time.

3. Cast iron

If you need a more durable sink, you can go for cast iron types. This sink is best for commercial use. It is heavy in weight. It does not develop water spots.

You can go with one that blends with the color of the tiles in the kitchen. You can select a dark shade cast iron sink.

4. Ceramic

This type is also known as fire clay sink. It is not very expensive. You may have better color choices. It will last for years. It needs more maintenance.

You can select a fire clay sink in different sizes. They do not cost much money. They may not be more durable.

5. Concrete sink

Concrete type sink is common in hotels and restaurants. They are often custom made. They do not cost much money. You can have them in any size.

Concrete sinks are easy to find in the market. You can go with custom made ones.

6. Farmhouse sink

These types are also known as apron types. The sink is easy to install on the edge. If you have less space, then this sink is the best.

You can select one or two bowl sinks. You can clean it with ease. You can find these types made up of natural stone.

7. Undermount types

If you visit kitchen sinks Sydney dealers, you will come across undermount types. You can place the sink under the counter top. If your kitchen is versatile, then this sink is the best.

You need to look for one that is seamless in looks. They look elegant. For a modern kitchen these are the best choice.

8. Top mount types

If you install the sink on the counter top, you can go with these ones. They offer flawless looks. They are heavy in weight. They need a proper base to install.

You can install them on the counter top. You can also create a framework for the sink.

You can also select different sinks to install at different locations. You can select corner type kitchen sink as well.