Do You Know Every little thing About Room Salons?

Room salons are acknowledged by many names, corresponding to Jeom-O, membership room salons, tenpro, and so on., and they’re accessible in giant numbers in Seoul. The room salons are much like a karaoke single bar, however there’s a twist as they appear extra like convention amenities. These salons have 2-3 huge assembly rooms that may accommodate 12-16 individuals. Once more, additionally, you will discover 5-10 medium-sized rooms that may accommodate 6-10 individuals, and there are additionally 1-2 smaller rooms that are perfect for 2-4 individuals.

All of the assembly rooms of room salons have couches, and so they run alongside the room’s partitions. There’s additionally a giant desk proper within the center, and right here, you’ll discover alcohol and meals to be laid out. In contrast to karaoke bars which have machines, Gangnam room salon (강남룸싸롱 ) has one-band bands, and it brings a giant pc in addition to a speaker set. When males are invited to grow to be group gamers, they will expertise the true enjoyable of being at a room salon.

Some sorts of room salons

In case you go to Gangnam, you’ll come throughout varied sorts of room salons and a few of them are talked about under:


That is the title that’s given to a bar the place solely the main tenpros can enter. Right here, managers appear good-looking, and they’re additionally extremely educated. Therefore, individuals can converse with them simply. Tenpro does possess a rotation desk, too and in ten to fifteen increments, some 5 to eight managers flip their turns to serve the company who attain there.

Jjeom Oh 

Jjeom Oh can also be the title of a bar. It’s got this title attributable to a number one ten-off place. In Jjeom Oh, patrons come, and right here, managers work with the same look and high quality as tencafes and tenpros. Once more, the system of Jjeom Oh, too, is analogous to tencafes and tenpros.


Although tencafe shares many elements with tenpro, a tencafe tends to be decrease in value in comparison with tenpro.

Some elements of a customary room salon

Generally, when individuals point out room ssalongs, they signify a room the place they will speak about real room ssalongs. These locations function a bar beside a vacationer resort. However right now, individuals discover a number of vacationer lodges current in Gangnam. Therefore, it has became a bar that operates with the permission of a resort.

What’s a public room?

A public room is a typical bar room salon that’s massively in style and cheap, too. Generally, it occurred to be a bar earlier, however with time, a public room has grow to be a hyperbolic and a table-only place. And it has a pleasant look.

Shirt room

Compared to completely different different room salons, the shirt room has a free contact system and skinship.


In karaoke, as individuals come throughout a low water degree, they take pleasure in consuming. Karaoke can also be a spot the place numerous individuals, no matter their gender, come. That is additionally acknowledged as a spot the place individuals discover DJ occasions and social gathering rooms. And right here, a feminine visitor may name a male host.

In case you go to South Korea, you could certainly go to a Gangnam room salon (강남룸싸롱 ) because it serves as one of many essential locations the place Koreans relieve their stress ranges after they bear a troublesome day at work.