Packaging designs and aesthetics are developing enormously in the modern world. Many brands have realized that packaging is the ultimate way to speak to consumers before selling to them. Consumers first interact with packaging even before seeing and using a product, so it is responsible for first impressions when the product is on the shelf. As a business owner, you should emphasize how you package your product if you want to grow your business.

While more brands are experimenting with eco-friendlier packaging alternatives to replace plastics, new packaging design trends are also emerging. Let’s look at the best trends in packaging design in 2022.

Minimalism dominates

Minimalism is a trend that is dominating modern industries from architecture to packaging. Many brands embrace the idea of minimalistic designs to define their visual identities in packaging. Minimalism means stripping away unnecessary information and leaving only the desirable elements that communicate the brand’s identity. Letting your product speak for itself through minimal packaging is the ultimate way to raise brand awareness. The ultimate goal is to include what is relevant in the design.

The use of localized illustration

An illustration is a critical part of packaging design because it renders the visual idea of the design effectively. It strengthens the product’s imagery by enhancing the product’s description, especially when used in a food packager. The illustrations can be based on the product’s region history, tribal artwork, or a visual design connecting with any artwork. The graphic design is what makes the packaging stand out on the shelf.

Interactive packaging materials

Packaging manufacturers are also keen on integrating technology into packaging. For instance, QR codes enhance smart packaging and significantly upgrade the brand’s perception. Such packaging makes your brand stand out among the rest in a highly competitive market. Some packages allow the customer to interact with the product even before unboxing it. For instance, placing a smartphone near a pizza box can help a customer determine whether it is hot or not. Interactivity is a key trend that will drive the future of packaging design trends.

Neutral color shades and earthy tones

Neutral and earthy shades ooze elegance. Upcoming packaging designs focus more on natural elements such as sky blue, green, white, and brown. Consumers also consider earthy tones more engaging as they give the product a realistic and warm feel. Neutral and earthy shades are ideal for organic product brands and pharmaceutical brands.

Transparent designs

Modern consumers not only want to read the label but also want to see what is inside before purchasing a product. That has led to the development of packaging that lets the consumer see what is insider while reading the product label. Transparent packaging is crucial in food packaging designs to evoke the freshness of the product.

Black and white designs

Black and white packaging designs are increasing in popularity, especially in bottle and glass packaging. The colors are powerful and versatile, and they evoke the feeling of authority and sophistication. When there is an overuse of colors in a product’s packaging, black and white designs can help you stand out.

When choosing a packaging design, ensure it speaks to your audience and reflects your brand.