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Water Storage Tanks In India: Significance, Options And Varieties

Water Storage Tanks In India: Significance, Options And Varieties
Water Storage Tanks In India: Significance, Options And Varieties


A water storage tank is an equipment that collects and shops water for family, agricultural, and industrial functions. Water tanks will be divided into varied varieties primarily based on supplies, shapes, and sizes. Allow us to perceive every little thing about water storage tanks, their varieties and options.

Origin of water storage tanks

These days, folks retailer water primarily in plastic water storage tanks. Nevertheless, even the early civilizations noticed the need of storing water for later use. In consequence, archaeologists have encountered large water storage our bodies in lots of websites, resembling step wells. Individuals used stones, wooden, and ceramic to make the tanks.

This historic civilization takes immense delight in The Nice Bathtub, thought-about the oldest water tank on this planet, situated at Mohenjodaro. The aim of water storage tanks was to retailer water and defend it in opposition to dangerous components like micro organism, algae and heavy salts that would trigger contamination.

Significance of water tanks

Water tanks are important as they retailer water and stop it from immediately getting uncovered to the dust-filled air, birds, animals and bugs who would possibly contaminate it. Conserving the water used for family and different functions clear is essential because it immediately impacts one’s well being. Not solely that, however water can also be probably the most incessantly used commodity.

Water storage tanks produce other advantages as effectively, resembling they defend the saved water from bacterial contamination and UV rays. Darkish-coloured and multi-layered water tanks are among the many most very best choices to considerin for availing of such advantages.

Options of Water Tanks

  • These are straightforward to suit and preserve.
  • Water tanks aid you to retailer water for days and months with correct upkeep. Thus, in a state of affairs of water shortage, they’re useful.
  • These are sometimes accessible in a various variety of layers, thus helpful for cover in opposition to UV rays, algae development, mud and filth.
  • These can be found in several sizes starting from 200 litres to 10,000 litres, thus appropriate for home in addition to industrial functions.

Varieties of water tanks

The water storage tanks will be divided into a number of classes primarily based on the manufacturing materials, sizes and completely different layers.

Based mostly on Materials:

  • Steel tanks: These tanks are made up of steel alloys, together with carbon metal. These tanks are often employed in industries for storing dairy, drinks, cosmetics and so forth.
  • Thermoplastic tanks: These pipes are sturdy and chemically inert. These water tanks are straightforward to put in as a result of their light-weight and are largely present in households.

Based mostly on manufacturing know-how:

  • Roto moulded: It’s a low-pressure and high-temperature thermoplastic forming course of that’s used for manufacturing hole water tanks. Throughout this course of of producing water storage tanks via this process, no wastage is shaped.
  • Blow moulded: It’s a very versatile technique that offers water tanks countless design potential and in-built design benefits. Moreover, blow moulding contributes to the preservation of a continuing wall thickness and very sturdy, practically stress-free exterior corners.

Based mostly on Dimension:

  • Underground tanks: The water tanks which have a minimum of 10% of their mixed quantity underneath the bottom are known as Underground storage tanks (UST). They’re largely used for storing petroleum or hazardous substances.
  • Overhead tanks: These are commonplace water storage tanks which might be positioned above buildings which have a particular peak. Any materials could also be used to assemble such tanks, however the producers often be certain that the fabric helps to maximise effectivity by elevating the tank.
  • Loft tanks: In comparison with a typical overhead or underground tanks, loft tanks are distinctive. They’re primarily made to suit into city constructions that may be discovered in your house’s kitchen loft or different loft areas.

Based mostly on Layers:

The next are the primary sorts of water tanks primarily based on layers –

  • Single-layered water tank- The tank made up of just one layer of plastic is named a single-layered water tank. These don’t forestall the UV rays from getting into the water, thus growing the probabilities of forming Algae layers contained in the water tank.
  • Double-layered water tank- These water tanks are made from two layers of plastic insulation. The aim of the extra second layer is to guard the water from dangerous UV rays.
  • Triple-layered water tank- These tanks have three layers of safety. They’re extremely sturdy as a result of their rust-free properties and the power to keep away from leakage.
  • 4-layered water tank– The 4 layer water tank is likely one of the costliest. Three layers of plastic and one layer of polyurethane foam go into making these tanks. These layers assist preserve the water’s temperature inside the tank by growing its structural energy.
  • 5-layered water tank– The 5 layer water tanks include a reflective defend as the primary layer, whereas insulation is the first goal of the second layer. The third layer prevents infiltration by Ultraviolet (UV) rays. In distinction, the fourth layer is foam primarily based to offer higher insulation. The innermost and last layer protects from bacterial development. Thus, stopping the water from turning smelly and unfit for consumption. This layer provides to the extra prolonged utilization of the tank.


This weblog covers every little thing you might want to know earlier than buying a water storage tank to your family or trade. Whereas shopping for a water tank, be certain that you contemplate several types of tanks and select the one that’s most fitted to your wants. Amongst different elements that must be thought-about whereas buying a water storage tank embody prices, layers, materials and color of the tank. Hoping that the varied tank varieties’ options will aid you make the best selection and purchase the very best water tank for utilization.

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