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Are you thinking about how to make your exterior aesthetically pleasing? Cement sheets have evolved to be one of the best choices amongst the most prevalent building materials. Their installation, handling and maintenance are quite easy. Zykron cement boards offer superior resistance to moisture, termites, borer, fire and adverse weather conditions. These make it ideal for varied applications in commercial, residential, and industrial segments while promising excellent results.

What is Zykron?

Zykron boards are made up of fiber cement. Portland cement is braced up with cellulose fiber to add extra strength and durability. This provides strong, remarkable and everlasting building material suitable for interior and exterior cladding. Zykron Cement Boards come in two useful forms:

Zykron HD Boards

Zykron HD Boards are superior to conventional building materials. These are ready-made fibreboards that can be installed right away. They can be used for home and commercial interiors. The most promising part is that these boards are 100% termite and borer proof. These universal germ-free, water-resistant, and fire-retardant building materials work efficiently as a building material. Zykron HD Boards find usage in flooring, roofing, paneling and much more.

Zykron Siding Boards

Used for exterior and interior purposes, Zykron Siding Boards or planks are highly durable due to their fiber-cement composite feature. Long-lasting and sturdier than stones or bricks, these find application in gate and wall cladding as well as decorative fences.

Like our HD boards, the Zykron Siding Boards/ Planks are also 100% termite and Borer Proof. In addition, they are completely water and fire-resistant.

Why Should You Choose Century Ply Zykron Cement Boards and Planks?

Zykron Fiber Cement Boards offer unique features that help to make your dream house come to life. Moreover, being the innovators of Termite-free surfaces in India, they present you with a wide array of additional qualities. Here are some top features that will explain why Zykron is certainly the best choice.

   1.  Borer & Termite Proof

Are you worried about insects that might ruin your buildings? No more worries. Choose Zykron boards and planks and get a 100% borer and termite proof building material. Your house or workplace is now safe from any such infestation.

   2.  Non-Toxic

A clean and hygienic environment is essential. However, many building materials incorporate toxic fume-releasing substances, asbestos-based materials, radioactive materials, etc. Zykron Composite Fiber Cement Solutions are completely non-toxic. Chemicals like phenol and formaldehyde are absent.

3.  Weather Resistance

Building materials are exposed to rain and excessive humidity. Therefore, it is essential to consider its water resistance while choosing external cladding material. Zykron boards and planks are 100% water-resistant. It is developed in a composite of cement fiber that sustains prolonged exposure to moisture.

   4.  Antibacterial and Antifungal

Zykron presents you with its most extraordinary quality- Resistance to microbes. Moreover, it comes with a low maintenance solution. This is highly resistant to microbial attacks. Moreover, it retards the build-up of odour and stain-causing microbes. Thereby rendering your homes and offices an everlasting hygienic environment.

5.  Wide Range of Designs

In addition to sturdiness, an aesthetically pleasing outlook is a must. With this in mind, you can craft these in a wide variety of designs. These empower you to create mesmerizing decoratives that add a touch of luxury to your perfect home.

Applications of Zykron

The above mentioned qualities prove why Zykron boards and planks are a wise choice. So here we bring forth a brief idea on how and where to use Zykron.

  1. In Washrooms Partitions
  2. External Claddings
  3. Internal Cladding
  4. Decorative Fencing
  5. Roofing
  6. Kitchen Partitions

This does not end here! Get creative with the universal building material wherever you require some extra permanence and hygiene.

Zykron cement board materials make it the most trustworthy product in the market. Therefore, one of the wisest choices one can make when opting for resilience, reliability, and a fabulous outlook in a single product. Visit the official website of Century Ply Zykron Boards to check out the prices and warranty details.