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Rise of custom Retail Display Boxes. And the types and benefits they offer


What are custom retail boxes?

Shopping is a habit in which almost each and every individual has to indulge, each and every day. The concept of shopping does not revolve around going grocery shopping, instead, it also consists of the products we buy such as milk, eggs, bread, candies, soap, shampoos and juices etc. All of these things that we take for granted, also come under the sphere of shopping. Shopping is necessary for each and every one. This is because, we have to buy essential items in order to sustain ourselves, and also to fulfil our desires as well. Manufacturers are aware of this human tendency and are putting strenuous efforts in producing products that captivate the human eye.

Retail stores serve as the first place when a product is seen by a potential customer. Retail stores use a variety of techniques to tempt people into buying products. One such technique is the use of custom retail display boxes. Retail boxes are versatile, and because of their versatility, they are used in almost every industry under the sun. That is why retail boxes are also used to market products as well.

As the trend of personalization is engulfing almost all the industries, retail boxes are needed now more than ever. As retail boxes are versatile, they can be used to serve the purpose of personalization. By customizing the boxes, any brand and any product can be marketed. There is a number of reasons why manufacturers are producing custom boxes. One of which is to increase the volume of potential customers and to increase the sales rate as well.

How to get custom boxes made?

If you are thinking of starting a retail or an online store, then there are a few things which you should keep in mind.

Like all businesses and services, box manufacturers have established an online presence. They have established websites through which you can contact them, and get any type of box made. They also have pre-designed boxes available, which you can also order. Also, you can give them your own designs to make as well. The good thing about custom boxes is that, any unique image can be printed on them as well, making them personalized and according to the taste and needs of the customer.

But before you go on ordering boxes for your business, you should know what are the characteristics, types and benefits of a custom retail box.

Characteristics of a custom retail box

Easy to identify

A custom retail box should be easy to identify. Let’s say you have ordered a box for soaps. Then it should be made in such a way so it is easy to identify as a box of soap. The branding and the printing should indicate that it is a box for soaps.

Easy to open

A custom retail box should be easy to open, that is, the use of knives and box cutters should be avoided. Clear opening instructions should be printed on the box as well. But, the box should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the transportation phase.

Easy to stock

Custom retail boxes should be easy to stock and must require minimum time and physical effort. For example, if some boxes have handles then they should assist the employee in shelf placement at the designated place.

Easy to dispose

Custom retail boxes should be easy to dispose of and should not require much effort. It should be recyclable and reusable to minimize waste.

Easy to shop

Custom retail boxes should be easy to remove from the shelf, once the customer has seen the product. It should also be easily placed back if it is returned. Also, food allergies and expiration dates are to be clearly mentioned on the boxes. This is done in order to make the shopping experience smooth.

Types of custom retail boxes

Some of the types of custom retail boxes are:

Custom book boxes

These kinds of custom retail display boxes are used to pack books and stationery. They are made of cardboard, paperboard, and virgin ITC paper. Hence, they are non-toxic and bio-degradable. Also, they can have a window cut out design, embossed design and raised ink design etc.

Custom bottle boxes

These kinds of custom retail boxes are used to store bottles. They can be used to store any kind of bottles. They are made of cardboard and paper board mostly, to bear the weight of the bottle. They are bio-degradable and are non-toxic as well. Hence, making them eco-friendly.

Custom business card boxes

These kinds of boxes are made to store cards. They are made of paperboard and are very light in weight. They are non-toxic and are bio-degradable as well.

Custom CBD boxes

These boxes are made to store CBD. They are small and are made in accordance with the dimensions of the CBD bottle. Also, they are non-toxic and bio-degradable.

Custom CD/DVD storage boxes

These boxes are made of paper board and are used to store CDs and DVDs. They are very light in weight and can are eco-friendly as well.

Custom Cigarette boxes

These boxes are used to store cigarettes. These are made from cardboard and are non-toxic and bio-degradable as well.

Benefits of using custom retail display boxes

Some of the benefits of using custom retail boxes are:


The main benefit of using custom retail boxes is the marketing of the product. This is done in order to tempt the customer into buying the product and hence increase the sales rate of the product.


As the custom retail boxes are made to cater to the dimensions of the product, hence they protect the product from any damage.

Eco-Friendly to use

These boxes are made from non-toxic and bio-degradable products, hence making the box eco-friendly.


The material used in the manufacturing of these products is affordable and hence brings down the price of the product considerably. Hence, saving money for both the customer and the manufacturer.


Custom retail display boxes are the go-to boxes for almost each and every industry. And with the option of customization, its use is going to bring huge dividends to the manufacturers.

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