Nabil Fakih Discusses The Importance of a Good Pharmacy


Falling ill or getting injured is not uncommon for people. A pharmacy usually is the very first place that people visit whenever they are faced with any minor medical issue. Pharmacies basically are a type of a retail store from where one can purchase various types of FDA approved prescription medications, as well as over the counter drugs that do not require a prescription from a doctor. As per Nabil Fakih over the decades, the role of pharmacies has evolved quite a bit in society. While earlier people only used to visit pharmacies to purchase medicines, nowadays, they go to these stores to seek out simple medical advice as well.

The key role of any pharmacy would be to ensure that the people belonging to the local communities are able to acquire the proper medications needed by them. Right from simple pain relievers and cough medications to prescription drugs needed for various complex issues, Dearborn Heights Pharmacy and other such units provides their patrons with distinguished types of medicines, as per their unique requirements and concerns. Many of the local pharmacies today even sell particular grooming and hygiene supplies.

According to Nabil Fakih, pharmacies are often considered to be among the most crucial elements involved in the delivery of healthcare services in the modern world. Mr. Fakih himself is an experienced pharmacist, based in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. This professional experience and expertise make him a good candidate to talk about pharmacies, their role in society, and how these units help people. As per him, Dearborn Heights Pharmacy and similar reputed units are staffed with professionals who have detailed and thorough knowledge about diverse types of medicines, their workings, side effects, and interactions.

The duty of pharmacists is way more than preparing and dispensing drugs as per the proper dosage to the patients. To ensure the delivery of optimal pharmaceutical care, in many scenarios, these professionals shall be required to properly assess and evaluate the suitability of a medication meant for a particular patient. They do so by carefully taking into consideration the medical history of the patients, as well as the possible interactions and side effects with various types of other drugs being taken by them. Pharmacies play a vital role in ensuring that discerning patients have a clear idea about their medications, dosage regime, effects and purposes.

Apart from the typical local and chain retail pharmacies, there are also various specialty pharmacies present in major cities. These units ideally fill prescriptions that are to treat patients suffering from a certain rare, severe or complex medical condition that requires a good amount of care and management. These medical conditions can include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and cystic fibrosis. Many of the medications needed by people suffering from these conditions are provided as injectable drugs, and hence need to be delivered with superior care and monitoring. Further details about both retail and specialty pharmacies can be found on the web.