Models of entrance chandeliers based on the style of the décor
Models of entrance chandeliers based on the style of the décor


When selecting the ideal chandelier, it is important to know that there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

It is difficult to choose the best chandelier because it is both a decorative item as well as an illuminator, so it must be considered in conjunction with the overall style of the space.

There is no question that if the chandeliers are chosen so that they seamlessly blend into the context in which they are installed, then the entrance chandeliers immediately convey the unique style and character of the entire building, telling everyone who enters the building the kind of welcome they can expect.

Essentially, there are two types of chandeliers:

  • Chandeliers in modern style;
  • Chandeliers in the classic style.

Here are the characteristics of each category.

The classic style entrance chandeliers

Homes that follow a retro style will benefit from classic style chandeliers. There are only a few types of homes that need this type of chandelier: the chandelier at the entrance must match the style of the overall house in order to be harmonious and to express the beauty of the rooms that unfold within.

The logic indicates that, in a traditional or rural environment, a chandelier, or even ceiling lights, of a modern type, would look out of place at the entrance, and therefore damage the appearance of the entire house.

Modern chandeliers for hallways

In contrast, modern chandeliers can furnish a space without having to use additional pieces of furniture, creating a distinctive style solely based on their design.

Unlike classical chandeliers, modern chandeliers have a particularly studied and refined aesthetic design, which can also be fabricated with materials other than glass or crystal used in the classic style, such as plastic and recycled materials.

A modern chandelier installed at the entrance of the house communicates to those entering the atrium that it is a fresh, non-classical structure whose design features colors and shapes that are original and distinct, which expresses an environment that is versatile and informal.

When selecting the right hallway chandelier, you need to consider certain factors

For this reason, the choice of the most elegant types of entrance chandelier to adorn your client’s home is very delicate. The entrance chandelier must be capable of integrating with the rest of the rooms, as well as being able to represent the whole interior style.

Keeping the following parameters under control must be motivated by the following factors:

The dimensions of the chandelier: when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the entrance the chandelier will be installed in. It should never be larger than the entrance.

Harmony with the style of furniture: in terms of the aesthetics, the light source must always match the style of the furniture, so if the furniture is modern, the chandelier must also be modern, as with antiques.

Energy saving: Choosing energy-efficient lights for the chandelier is important not only to reduce your utility bill, but also to reduce the impact on the environment.

Choosing the right design: It is very important to choose the right design for an entrance chandelier because hiring an expert to help you choose the right design is the best way to make sure you get it right.