Lucida Is Your Go-To Deal For Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets


CenturyPly’s exteria collection offers you great outdoor designs; thus, CenturyLaminates are the perfect choice for making indoors a beauty too! CenturyLaminates is one of the most famous and trusted brands when choosing the best laminates for your home, especially in kitchens. They come up with unique technologies in which special resins are used to impart extra strength to the laminates, which makes them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.

Why should you purchase Lucida for your kitchen cabinet?

CenturyLaminates has come up with High-Gloss scuff resistant Lucida laminates to make all of your rooms beautiful and create a show-stopper. These laminates are specially designed with high gloss and require low maintenance. It can be installed in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. CenturyLaminates is a very trusted brand, and thus Lucida is one of the best laminates they have come up with.

Lucida Laminates offer a wide range of colours and patterns, especially for one to have a great look for their kitchen. You can easily choose which colour and patterns suit your kitchen with the wide range of options offered by them. They can give your kitchen a mirror-like finish and beautify it with you having a fabulous kitchen design.

Lucida Laminates are specially designed glossy Laminates that excel in strength and also provide resistance against scuff, stain, and abrasion. You’ll have varied options of kitchen laminate sheets in the lookbook provided by them.

They have got an exotic range of decorative laminates that are top-notch in strength and looks to make your kitchen unique in look.

Different options provided by Lucida

  • The Lucida Laminates come in options like Lucida-glitters, Lucida-solids, Lucida-stones, and Lucida-woodgrains. Each of them has a specially laid down lookbook with a lot of colours and designs to choose from.
  • Lucida-glitters are widely popular as decorative laminates offering a shiny and jaw-dropping look
  • Lucida-woodgrains and Lucida-solids give a simple, calming, and elegant look to your kitchen.

These laminates are made by keeping up with the latest design trends, which no one would want to miss out on. Each laminate has special qualities, which makes them highly recommended all over India.

What makes these laminates the best and different from others?

   1.  It is the unique technologies and innovations used to manufacture them.

ViroKill technology: This technology induces antiviral and antibacterial properties to the laminates enabling them to fight 99.99% of the viruses, bacteria, or fungus, which is beneficial during the COVID period.

2.  The resistant properties offered by the laminates

  • These laminates are also heat resistant as they can withstand high temperatures and also are impact-resistant, and also have incredible colour fastness.
  • These laminates are 100% safe to be used in kitchens since they’re non-toxic, non-porous, and also have anti-fingerprint quality.

They also have excellent bonding properties. All of these important features are not easily provided by most laminate manufacturers.

3.  Are trustworthy and affordable

  • Lucida laminates by CenturyLaminates are very trustworthy and are the most widely used Laminates in India.
  • These laminates are very affordable, and one can get them at whatever size one wants. You can enquire about the prices by contacting the dealer or can even find them in the Lookbook provided on their website.
  • Each manufacturer has provided all the necessary information, such as the latest price per sheet, varied sizes offered, thickness, warranty, colours, material, and advantages of the laminates offered by them. You can even look at the reviews provided by the customers in case of any doubts.

Therefore, with these amazing and trustable qualities as well as prices,

You can choose the best quality laminate for your kitchen without any hassle, as Lucida has made it very easy to handle. They have laid down all the information about the laminates along with their prices and the manufacturer’s contact in case of any queries.

You can get in touch with CenturyPly dealers near you and buy your desired products. They also have a website that has all the information one needs before purchasing Laminates, along with a customer care helpline. Get in touch & get the best deal.