How to Make Your Home Storm Proof

Home Storm Proof


In the UK, we’re not adverse to the worse type of weather. Most Brits would say it rains a good 99% of the year. As storm Franklin takes over storm Eunice, here at We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips on how to make your storm proof. 

Secure Any Possessions Outside of the Home:

Perhaps one of the worst parts of a storm is the risk of miscellaneous items in your garden flying away and causing damage to your property. The first thing to do when you’re in a storm is to make sure any objects or furniture such as your trampoline or plotted pants are secured, as if they fly away, they can cause serious damage to other people. If you can’t secure things down, then you could try and move the heavier objects into the garage or bring them inside the house.

Check On Your Gutters Regularly:

While we should always keep an eye on the state of your gutter, it’s especially important to do so in the midst of a storm. It’s important to make sure your gutters are free of clutter and dirt, as when the heavy rain sets in, whereas the gutter should usually help the water travel, it sometimes can’t as the gutter may be blocked. If your gutter is preventing the water from flowing down, especially throughout periods of bad weather, then this can cause extreme damage to the interior of your property- including leaks and potential damage to the interior of your walls.

Close All of Your Gates and External Pathways:

If you have a fence around your house that isn’t made from a strong material and instead uses something like wood, then this may cause extra damage to your property. It’s important to ensure that all of your gates are closed, especially if they are made from fragile materials such as wood, as you can then protect any possessions that are behind it.

Move Your Vehicle Away to an Open Space:

Throughout a storm, your vehicle is at the most risk of being damaged by adverse weather. Your car is perhaps one of your most valued assets, and if it is damaged, can set you back in terms of practicality and finance too. If there are strong winds, falling trees or bins can cause damage to your car, so its worthwhile moving it to an open area such as a nearby car park or a pavement.

Make Sure You’re Stocked Up:

As we all know, sometimes the weather is unpredictable, therefore it’s a good idea to make sure you are stocked up in your home of the essentials. It may sound dramatic, but it’s smart to have stocked up on fresh food, canned food, and drinking water in case something happens to your drainage and sewage system outside. 

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