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How custom consumer product display boxes are shaping consumer patterns


Consumer products can be anything. Food items, cosmetics, CBD oils, candies, soaps, shampoos, shoes and electronic items all come under the umbrella of cosmetic products. Hence, each and everything that people buy and use is called consumer products. The choice of consumer products is immense. Each item has thousands of products from different companies, each claiming itself to be different from each other. And there is some truth to this claim as well, given the preference people give to the same consumer products of different companies.

The answer to the question is that marketing and brand identity of the product plays a decisive role in people decision making. Let’s say that you went to your local retail store to buy a shampoo. You go to the shampoo stand and see multiple choices in front of you. Now here your decision will be influenced by your biasness towards a particular brand. This “biasness” that you experience is one of the wonders of marketing. When a product is marketed, its campaign is designed in such a way as to create that “biasness” which would pull the potential customer the product. Techniques are employed to achieve this purpose. Television commercials, ad campaigns, celebrity endorsements and billboard campaigns are all such techniques which are employed to increase the volume of customers towards the product.

Another technique which is used to increase customer volume is using custom consumer product display boxes. The main benefits of using such boxes are their easy availability. Thus, this allows the manufacturer to launch a mass marketing campaign. Personalizing a box sends the message to the consumer that this product will be specifically yours. Thus, an attachment with the product starts manifesting and the “biasness” starts creeping in. Thus, custom boxes have changed the pattern of consumption of products.

Hiring a box manufacturer:

If you are going to start a new restaurant, eatery, fast food franchise, retail store or an online store, then you are going to need boxes to pack the products. Thus, for this reason, box manufacturers are working with many industries to provide them with custom made boxes. Most of the box manufacturers provide complete custom made boxes, they can make any type of box with custom dimensions. To hire them, you can contact them on their websites and ask a free price quotation. This way, instead of going to different manufacturers and asking for a price quotation, wasting your time in the meanwhile, you can get a free quotation at your home. This will not only save you time but will also give you a lot of options as well. You can then compare the different manufacturers and the services they provide and get the best deal for your budget as well.

Materials, Styles, Designs and Types of Custom consumer product display boxes:

Before ordering boxes you should know about the materials, styles and types of boxes. This way, you will be able to know what boxes are required for your product, and what kind of boxes will be good for protecting your goods. Also, you will be able to do their marketing better.

Materials used in manufacturing custom consumer boxes:

The materials used in manufacturing custom consumer boxes are non-toxic and bio-degradable. Thus, they are eco-friendly and don’t have any adverse effects on health. Some of the material used are:

Eco-friendly KraftThis is used in manufacturing boxes. it is a light but durable material and provides protection during transportation.

E-flute corrugated box: This box is also eco-friendly and used in green packaging as compared to the folding carton. They are sturdy and durable and are a bit heavy then Kraft paper.

Bux Board: They are the most used boxes in shipping. They are preferred because they are strong and durable and can handle the weight of the product that is packed in it. Also, they are environmental friendly which gives them a huge advantage.

Cardstock: This material is thicker than the normal writing and printing paper and thinner than the other paper boards. They are durable and are also eco-friendly as well.

Styles of custom consumer product boxes:

Some of the style in which custom consumer product display boxes are manufactured are:

  1. Gable Bag auto bottom with hanger
  2. Boxes with locking and hanging tabs
  3. Auto-lock bottom tray
  4. Self-lock cake box
  5. Gable bag auto bottom
  6. Four corner box with display
  7. Five-panel hanger box
  8. Double wall tuck top
  9. Paper briefcase
  10. Double-wall display lid
  11. 1 2 3 bottom display lid
  12. Tucked auto bottom
  13. Tuck end box
  14. Reverse Tuck end box

Designs of custom consumer product boxes:

Some of the most common designs that are offered by manufacturers are the following:

  1. Custom window cut out: boxes that have this design are mostly used for giving a glimpse of the product.
  2. Gold/Silver Foiling: these boxes have a gold or silver foiling done on them. They are mostly used for decoration purposes.
  3. Embossing: boxes have printing done on them, on which letters look raised. This is due to a technique called embossing.
  4. Raised Ink: Same as embossing, raised ink is a glossy and transparent material, which is used to make the words printed on a box looks raised.
  5. PVC Sheet: boxes have a design made on them using a PVC sheet.

Types of custom consumer product boxes:

There are many consumer items, and each requires a box to pack them. Some of them are:

  1. Chocolate display boxes
  2. Coffee product display boxes
  3. Lipstick display boxes
  4. Coffee pack display boxes
  5. Fruit boxes
  6. Soft drink boxes
  7. Beer holding boxes


Custom consumer product display boxes are the way forward. They are available in multiple designs and have many types as well. Also, they don’t pose any health hazard and are easy to use as well.

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