Don’t Worry about Experimenting on a New Dish
Don’t Worry about Experimenting on a New Dish


How many times have you tried making a new dish in the last couple of weeks? It will be surprising if it was one and a miracle if you have made more than one new dish recently. Time and energy is the factor here.

Work has become a very dominating figure in everyone’s lives. Completing the daily work tasks leave little time to do anything else. After an exhausting day at work, all you want to do is order take-out or eat the leftovers. As it is, cooking is not an easy task even when you know what you are doing. But when you are cooking something for the first time, things are bound to be confusing and difficult.

Why would you need specially crafted laminates?

Suppose you are trying to cook your mother’s recipe for your favorite childhood curry. You grew up eating that curry almost every other week. And, because you loved it so much, your mother made it every time you asked her to make it.

But, this is the first time you are trying it on your own. Having lived apart from home for years has made you homesick for your mother and her food. Anyway, you have the recipe in your hand now.

It takes you almost two hours to complete the dish. Finally, you taste it. It does not taste like your mother’s curry, but it is better than nothing. You look back into the kitchen to survey the mess that you have made. It is a lot.

There are drops of curry all over your counter. It became worse when you tried to scrub off the stains. It was not a good idea at all. You might have damaged the lamination when you dropped the pot because you tried lifting it with your bare hands. It was too hot. Your kitchen would need to be renovated if you want to cook again.

CenturyLaminates has made the Lucida laminates with this kind of a scenario in mind. These laminates are durable and very easy to maintain.

Why should you go for Lucida laminates for your kitchen?

  1. Lucida laminate sheets have a special layer as the top layer. This layer provides extra strength to the sheet itself. With this layer, a laminate sheet can endure any impact on its surface. Usually, an impact on the surface of the laminates will harm their condition and make you reconsider your choice. CenturyLaminates give you the assurance that their laminates will not make you question your choice later on. The durability of Lucida laminates is verified by numerous tests.
  2. With all its functional features, the visual aspect has not been overlooked for these laminates. CenturyLaminates have a large selection of styles for you to choose from. These decorative laminates come in solids, woodgrain, stone and glitter styles.

Lucida solids come in various shades. From warmer tones to cooler tones, you can find them all. Woodgrain options range from Natural Olive, Thar Desert, and Cranville Elm to darker tones such as Cordia Zericote and Warhol’s Willo.

With such a variety, you can choose the exact shade and style that perfectly fits in with the design and ambience of your home.

3. To tie back to the earlier discussion about cooking and the process of cooking a new dish. Lucida laminates have stain resistance technology. Any mess you make in the kitchen can be handled without leaving any mark. The spilling can be easily wiped by a cloth. There will not be any stains for you to worry about. The next time you enter the kitchen, you will find yourself in a sparkling clean kitchen to start your cooking adventure again.

Your mother’s delicious curry can be made over and over again. And with time, you will learn to make fewer and fewer mistakes. Lucida Laminate Sheets will give you the time and space to perfect the skill of cooking