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Digital Marketing Questions? Expert Advice From the Best SEO Companies In Indianapolis


The Best SEO companies in Indianapolis have some very useful answers as to how to improve your small businesses’ search engine optimization to get the most clicks from Google searches.

#1. Claim your Google My Business listing 

One of the first things to do is claiming and creating a Google My Business listing. Small owners have the opportunity to control how Google’s web crawler treats your business. It takes only minutes to complete and can pay off dividends for years. 

Be sure as a business owner, however, to update it whenever important things like your address change.

#2. Claim your physical address on Google maps 

Again, a completely free service that can and does pay dividends. 

#3. Optimize your website for mobile 

A business owner may be old school and run his or her business on a 15-year-old PC and not even own a cellphone. However, be assured that over 50 percent of shoppers (and growing fast) uses a cellphone to shop. 

Google will boost your competitors who have a mobile-optimized website and penalize those who don’t in the rankings. 

#4. Create video content 

Another tip the best SEO companies in Indianapolis offer is to create video content on your website. Google and other search engines love video content, but that’s because customers love it. 

If as a business owner, you aren’t a showman, as was former world-famous car salesman Cal Worthington who sold cars with his dog spot, who was sometimes a tiger, a seal, an elephant, a chimpanzee, or a bear, then hire someone on Fiver to do it for you. 

For $100, it’s possible to get a great presenter to do a video on Fiver, that puts you way ahead of the competition.

 #5. I want to go fast! 

As the fictional Ricki Bobby said, in Talladega Nights, “I want to go fast.” And shoppers want to shop fast. If your website doesn’t load up in three seconds or less, over half will abandon their search and never bother to see what a business is about. 

This means major fundamental changes. First, you need to compress images and try to find one kick-ass image rather than a dozen on the business main page. 

Second, a computer expert needs to go over the company website and write code that

speeds up delivery of important information, including meta-information. 

Finally, and most critically a business may need to find a new company host. What you want is a server that is dedicated only to serving your business and is fast 

#6. Have an expert go over the keywords used on the companies site

 Have an expert analyze all the keywords used and determine how effective they are. 

One of the things many small business owners fail to realize is that larger more reliable businesses may use the same keywords. Instead of being a small fish in a big pond, be one of the only fish in a smaller pond,

 For example, if you sell accounting software, how many multi-million dollar businesses are you competing with on the internet. Ten? A hundred. However, a keyword string like “accounting Software for Indianapolis construction companies” may put you out in front of the pack for that specialized market.

 #7. Conduct an SEO Audit 

If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from, what keywords they are searching for, and who the audience is (an example may be married 25-40-year-olds with 29 miles of Indianapolis) then you are like a driver without a road map.

 A good SEO company can significantly boost your rankings if they know what is working and not working for you, and what is working and not working for your competitors.

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