Completely different Sorts of Plastic Pipes to Use in Fashionable Plumbing
Completely different Sorts of Plastic Pipes to Use in Fashionable Plumbing


For a really lengthy interval, indoor plumbing has been utilized in houses. It additionally results in adjustments to the standard and supplies of the pipes utilized in water provides. Beforehand, metallic, ceramic, and different standard pipes have been quite common. It might be attainable that at the moment many houses nonetheless have clay, galvanised metal, and even forged iron piping.

Nonetheless, the introduction of plastic pipes performs an important function in plumbing. Now it turns into simpler to take care of plastic pipes for varied functions than copper or different conventional pipes. It creates the recognition of plastic pipes amongst plumbers. In the end, manufacturing plastic pipes reaches a sophisticated degree that turns into extra handy.

Many varieties of plastic pipes and faucets can be found out there. Let’s look at the commonest plastic water pipes utilized in your day by day life.


1. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

One of these plastic water pipe is among the most favoured pipes utilized in home plumbing methods. ABS water pipes are softer than different varieties of plastic water pipes. These are principally used for

  • Drain and vent traces.
  • Outside functions the place the temperature often stays chilly.

Benefits of utilizing ABS pipes

  • These are non-toxic.
  • They can be utilized to move ingesting water in localities. Therefore, it’s secure to make use of them at house.
  • They’re proof against corrosion.
  • They’re very inflexible plastic pipes. Therefore, they’re long-lasting.

Disadvantages of utilizing ABS pipes

  • They aren’t good towards direct daylight publicity. For that motive, they wanted to be painted with UV-resistant materials for his or her safety.


2. Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX)

These are the frequent plastic pipes utilized in house plumbing methods. These plastic pipes are relevant for each cold and warm water methods within the kitchen and toilet. PEX-type plastic water pipes are colour-coded, making it simple to determine cold and warm water traces.

Benefits of utilizing PEX pipes

  • These are extremely versatile and straightforward to put in.
  • These pipes can freeze with out getting broken. So, they’re best plastic pipes to make use of in chilly locations.
  • They’ll bend simply. Therefore, it diminished the variety of plumbing joints.
  • They’re extremely sturdy.

Disadvantages of utilizing PEX pipes

  • They’re made up of poisonous chemical compounds and are extraordinarily delicate to UV rays.
  • Chemical substances and pests can simply harm them.
  • They’ll’t be put in in high-heat areas.


3.PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC)

They’re the commonest plastic water pipes and plastic faucets. They’ve quite a few benefits and are utilized in residential and business workspaces.

Benefits of utilizing PVC pipes

  • They’re sturdy, sturdy, and might simply mould.
  • They’re long-lasting water pipes.
  • They’re light-weight. Therefore, simple to move.
  • They’re cost-effective and simply accessible out there.

Disadvantages of utilizing PVC pipes

  • They aren’t relevant for hot-temperature water provide.
  • They’ll get cracked simply. Therefore, want further care.


4. Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride (CPVC)

These pipes have gone by means of chlorine therapy. These pipes are generally utilized in industries.

Benefits of utilizing CPVC pipes

  • They’re light-weight.
  • Their set up course of may be very simple.
  • They’ll work beneath excessive stress and excessive temperature.
  • They’re much less more likely to leak.

Disadvantages of utilizing CPVC pipes

  • They’ll’t work beneath chilly temperatures.
  • They’re extra delicate than PVC. So, get simply broken.
  • They’ll’t be uncovered to daylight. Therefore, used for indoor functions solely.
  • They’re extra pricey than PVC pipes.


5. Excessive-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE)

These pipes are used for nearly all plumbing wants. They’re primarily used for municipal and industrial water functions.

Benefits of utilizing HDPE pipes

  • They’re dependable and secure for ingesting water.
  • They’re versatile and light-weight. Therefore, simple to move.
  • They’re sturdy and eco-friendly.
  • They’re heat-fusible and leakage-proof.

Disadvantages of utilizing HDPE pipes

  • They’ve poor resistance to climate.
  • They’ll simply crack and are flammable.
  • They’ve poor temperature functionality.

Plastic water pipes and plastic faucets have been used for many years and can proceed to be the popular alternative for a lot of. They’re used for varied different purposes apart from simply plumbing methods. When finalising a plastic water pipe or plastic faucet for the water line at your own home, it’s essential to contemplate the traits and high quality of the pipe.