4 Social Media Tips for Promoting your Hair Salon
4 Social Media Tips for Promoting your Hair Salon

Hair is everything. Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge said it first, and we’re seconding it. And since the past couple of years of Covid-induced at-home DIYs has left many people’s hair in various states of disarray, it’s no surprise that hair salons are once again gaining heat and rising to the top of the most-wanted services list. 

And you know what comes with demand, right? Yes, competition! It’s no longer going to be enough to bring out your best hairstylists or the coolest interior – the only way you’re going to be able to battle your competitors is through some well-thought-out marketing. And what better way to stake your claim than by social media? Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have become marketing hotspots, and if you’re to see business success, then success on the apps is the way to go! 

Here’s how you can promote your hair salon using social media:

  • Engage with Instagram Posts

There’s hardly anyone that’s not on Instagram these days, and chances are, your hair salon clients are going to be active on the app. A great way to promote your hair salon is by marketing yourself on Instagram – not only does the social media platform have about a billion users, but its interactive UI makes it a hub for client building. 

Post engaging graphics in the form of feed posts and stories, covering content from the services that your hair salon offers, any deals or discounts that are currently available, and even a little behind the scenes where your audience gets to meet the hair stylists and see your banging interior! 

And the best part is that Instagram success isn’t synonymous with hiring a graphic designer – in fact, more and more businesses are opting for self-design tools like PosterMyWall every day. Not only does PosterMyWall give them the creative freedom to visualize their salon marketing as they see fit, but it also doesn’t cost them a dime – all while being highly customizable and easy to use. 

  • Strategize with Facebook Ads

You might think that hardly anyone uses Facebook these days, but Facebook ads are still one of the greatest marketing tricks in the book. Not only are they available to almost three billion users worldwide, but Facebook Ads’ highly specialized audience targeting and performance analytics make streamlining content a breeze. 

Be sure to do your research and select relevant keywords as well as customer demographics, and your Facebook Ads will appear to the right people. Of course, pairing these specifics with stunning visuals and effective copy is what will really drive your ad to success! The headline, the CTA, and linking your Facebook ad to an external platform – preferably your website – are sure to drive up conversion. 

  • Get Dancing! 

No, not on stage – on TikTok! With its rise to fame, TikTok has become much more than an entertainment app – it’s a full-fledged marketing outlet that can help propel your hair salon to success with the right idea implementation. 

And one of the most popular forms of content on TikTok is their iconic sync-and-choreography dances. Whether you’re starting a new one or simply hopping onto a trend, TikTok dances have the power to bring your hair salon to the light. Feature your hairstylists and make it fun and breezy, and incorporate some elements of your salon and its services in the visual. And who knows, you might just go viral! 

  • Start a TikTok #Hashtag Challenge

Just like most social media platforms, hashtags play a big part in the TikTok algorithm, and starting a hashtag challenge can get your business trending! Think of fun ways to incorporate your hair salon or services into the challenge and post a TikTok of your stylists completing it. 

Make sure to give it a boost by getting your staff to engage with it, and just wait for the trend to catch on. Not only will all the media attention gain clientele for your hair salon, but it’s also basically free marketing! 

So, if you’re running a hair salon and really want to take it to that next level, then social media platforms are your best friend when it comes to marketing. And with these tips, you’ll soon be buying more scissors and a ton of hair dye!